Pastor Brent McDougal Announces Intention to Run for Dallas ISD School Board

Dear Cliff Temple Family,

I wanted to announce to you — before it became public — that I am running for the Board of Trustees for Dallas ISD. It’s a great opportunity to serve in the community and help children realize their full potential through our public schools. 

Our family lives in District 7 and that’s where our church is as well. District 7 involves schools such as Adamson High School, Sunset High School, Bowie Elementary, Hector Garcia Middle School, Hogg Elementary, and Rosemont (now elementary and middle school).

Our church already has been connected to these schools by supporting reading initiatives, food needs, and support for various extracurricular activities. So there’s a strong resonance between our mission and what happens through public education.

Trustees aren’t charged with fixing school issues, but they can advocate and bring resources to bear to help children, families, teachers and faculty. Trustees also help to craft policy and budgets for our schools. It’s not a paid position, only volunteer, and the trustees meet twice a month for an extended meeting.

I have spoken with the Personnel Committee, as I did not want to make this decision in isolation, and they expressed their support.

I have weighed the time commitment it would take if I was elected, and believe that it is very manageable.

It is among the more time-consuming volunteer positions, but I assure you that Cliff Temple is my primary calling and I won’t neglect that calling in any way.

On the contrary, this position offers a chance to extend relational capital and help Cliff Temple continue to be a strong rock in our community, as it has been for 120 years. 

The election is in early May. I appreciate your prayers and support. If you have any questions, I hope that you’ll email me at

Blessings and love to you.

Pastor Brent McDougal