Movement Groups

Movement Groups

Do you desire more than an average relationship with God and others in the body of Christ?  Does your heart yearn to be living the gospel naturally in the places that you live, work, and play?  Welcome to Movement Groups!   Our goal is for you to be discipled in your walk with the Lord and the ways that you live as an everyday missionary.  As disciples of Christ, we are called to live our life on mission for Him.  This requires movement from us! 

Movement Groups will meet three out of four weeks per month.  There will be a rhythm of focusing on up, in, and out as the groups meet.  The “up” week will be focused on worshiping God and spending time in prayer.  The focus of the “in” week is to build relationships and share life experiences with group members.  Finally, during the “out” week, groups will be focused on a particular service goal or mission.  The makeup of each group will be different.  Some groups will form around a common desire to serve in a particular area.  Other groups may form around a certain age range or stage of life.  Sunday morning classes may also take on this rhythm. 

We also seek for you to take this another step further and one day become a “disciplemaker,” or one who leads others in these same ways.  If you are interested in leading a movement group or being part of one, please contact Brent at 

Groups currently meeting: 

  • College Group-This group is an authentic and vibrant collection of young adults that are seeking to serve God whole heartedly and walk closely with him and one another along the journey.  They meet on Thursday evenings at 7:30 for dinner and community.


  • City Impact- The City Impact Group brings together leaders from across the Dallas metro area- business and non-profit leaders, teachers, nurses and other professionals- to focus on creating a city impact as we intentionally engage in discipling one another in the way of Jesus.  They meet three times a month on Thursday evenings.