Table for 8

Table for 8
a supper club

Deep, authentic relationships are central to the life of faith. As we continue to grow and change as a family of faith, we know that it can be hard to connect deeply with others, especially among those not in your Bible study group. That’s why we’re organizing “Supper Clubs” to help people share a meal, hear stories and form friendships that may otherwise not happen. And we’re calling it “Table for 8.”

What is Table for 8?

Table for 8 is a way to build relationships with members and guests of our church family. 

Supper clubs are intergenerational groups. 

They include people who are new to Cliff Temple as well as people who have been a part of our congregation for a long time. 

The groups meet bi-monthly for potluck or hosted meals, or restaurant visits. 

The only item on the agenda is to get to know one another.

A typical Table for 8 supper club group has 6 people in it. Couples and singles are all welcome. At each meal, up to 2 guests are invited. All invitations should be coordinated with the hosts for the meal.

Each meeting usually consists of:

Eating together. One family unit telling their story. Each meeting, someone else tells their story until all have told their stories.

Brief time of prayer asking if there are concerns or celebrations.     

One person or couple hosts the first meal at their home or at a restaurant, communicating with everyone in the group about the meal time and what to bring if the meal is potluck. 

 Everyone in the group brings food to meetings, if they are potluck, and tries to communicate with the group about their own availability.

Table for 8 supper clubs reorganize twice a year. Each time names are shuffled and you get to meet new people.


Ask the Table for 8 Coordinators: Susan and Bill Leftwich @ 972-223-3452 or email them at

There is no better way to get to know fellow Cliff Temple members than by enjoying a meal together.


Frequently Asked Questions:   FAQ

 When does Table for 8 start?   

A: We plan to launch Table for 8 supper clubs in July and then again in
January, placing people in different groups. The Supper Clubs last for 6 months.

 When do they meet?  Where do they meet?

A: The Coordinators ask one couple or person in each group to schedule the first meal time, date and place, then the group decides on the future meals.

 Who provides the food?

A: Each group arranges a home for a potluck or a hosted meal, or reserves a restaurant.

 How long are the “suppers”?

A: Usually from 1 ½ to 2 hours. And not necessarily supper – any meal that is
convenient to the group.

 Can they meet more than bi-monthly?

A: Absolutely! That’s up to the group to decide.

 How are the groups constituted?

A: The Coordinators divide the groups each time to work out a mixing of new people.

 What about children?

A: Each group decides if children would enjoy the meal with the group.

 Do I have to be a member of CTBC?

A: No, everyone is welcome to be part of our Table for 8 program. In fact, we encourage groups to invite non-members to their meetings. It’s a great way to expand the fellowship.

 Can I bring new people?

A: Yes! Be sure to check with your host to make sure a place is set for them.

 Is it just for couples, can singles join?

A: Table for 8 is for every adult.

 Do I need to sign up each time?

A: Once you are signed up, you will continue to be included until you
indicate otherwise.

 What if I prefer homes to restaurants?  Or restaurants to homes?

A: Each group decides how, when and where it will meet over the coming few months. It may be a mixture of homes and restaurants or all one or the other.



How can I join?  How do I sign up for the next session?

A: Call Bill or Susan Leftwich @ 972-223-3452 or email them at

 Can I join at any time?

A: Yes. The Coordinators will put you in an upcoming group.