Sunday School

Sunday School

Our Sunday morning classes are from 10:00 - 10:50 am. and are organized by age, common interests, or by theme, and offer you an opportunity to get to know other adults with common interests and backgrounds.

Children's Sunday School

Please visit the preschool, children's, and youth pages for information about their Sunday School classes.

Sunday School Offerings

Spanish Speaking

Clase en Español 2 — Pasa tiempo en la oración , el estudio de la Biblia , y discutir su aplicación a nuestras vidas .
-          intergeneracional
-           Cuarto #222


The Living Room- Young adults that are seeking to serve God whole heartedly and walk closely with him and one another along the journey. The do topical and multimedia Bible studies.
-          College age/18 - 25
-          Room 238

Youngish Adults- A group of adults betweeen 20's and 40's (ish), single or married, with or without children. The group focuses on one book of the Bible over the courst of several weeks.
-          22 - 35+
-          Room 213

Parents of Teens- This group meets the need for parents of youth to connect and share life togehter. We hope you will be a part of this class with us as we study the word of God and apply it to our daily lives as parents.
-          Parents of youth/middle-high school
-          Room 207

Journey- A discussion based group that relies on participants' unique experiences to help the group grow in its walk with God and Jesus Christ. Their goal is to understand scripture and apply its truths in practical ways to the realities of their lives today.
-          Generally 45+ but all ages are welcome
-          Room 226

Crossroads- They use a variety of resources to enhance their Bible study and encourage discussion to help one another apply the truth of scripture to their lives. They seek a deeper relationship with God and with each other as they learn from the Bible ,pray for each other, and have fun together.
-          55+
-          Room 229

Modern Pilgrims- This group focuses on open discussion of points where scripture intersects life. The teaching team uses a variety of study resources and has a diverse background.
-          65+
-          Room 227

Senior Fellowship- This class uses Explore the Bible curriculum. Men and women initially meet together for fellowship and teaching and then split for a time of discussion.
-          70+
-          Room 103

Sterling- This class appreciates and evern balance of lecture and discussion. They use Explore the Bible curriculum which challenges participants to live out God’s word in their own context.
-          80+
-          Room 104

Global Affairs and the Bible- This class blends Bible study, global issues, and prayer on behalf of other countries and peoples around the world as class members seek to be faithful, growing disciples of Jesus.
-          Intergenerational
-          Room 116

Multimedia Bible Study

Everywoman- This is a class for single or married women and has a small group atmosphere. Bilble studies are either subject or book oriented, mostly written by and geared toward women, with video teachings and open discussion.
-          Intergenerational
-          Room 231

Special Interests

the Well- Get to know the stories of the Bible, understand what God is saying, and put it into practice.
-          For those dealing with mental illness.
-          Intergenerational
-          Basement

Special Friends- Focus on spiritual growth and fellowship.
-          For those with developmental disabilities.
-          16 +
-          Room 115

If you’re having difficulty finding a class that would be a good fit, feel free to email and she will be glad to assist you.