Sermon Series

Sermon Series

The Art of Transformation
For the weeks leading to Easter, we’re going to look at several lives in the gospels that were changed by the presence of Christ. We’ll also hear present-day examples of how God continues to work with transforming power. What kindof change do you want to see in your own life?

Rediscovering Joy
The overall theme is that joy is found when we recover the essentials of Christian discipleship: hearing God’s voice, seeking God’s approval, embracing God’s people and enjoying God’s love.

One Small Light
An Advent Sermon Series

Next Door As It Is In Heaven
Living Out God's Kingdom in Your Neighborhood

Dream Big
A sermon series based on the Life of Jacob

Peace Y'all
A summer sermon series about peace with God, peace within, peace in our families, and peace in our community.

We Need To Talk Honestly About Race 

This sermon series will explore the meaning of the empty tomb. If Christ is alive, then what does this mean for our lives?

Suprise the World
A Sermon Series to Launch the New Year

Do you want to be a blessing to your neighbors and co-workers, becoming a more impactful person of faith? Mission works effectively when we live generous, hospitable, Spirit-led lives as missionaries in our own neighborhoods, workplaces and places of play. The five practices highlighted in this series capture the Biblical model of sharing Christ and can help us get “unstuck,” igniting missions and seeing our communities changed for Christ.

Cliff Temple's Advent Theme 2016: The Perfectly Imperfect Christmas

Often our activities during the Christmas season display a desire to make things perfect. If we can just find the perfect gift, have the perfect meal, and gather the perfect decorations, everything will make for a perfect celebration of Christmas. But it never works out that way.

Join us this Christmas season as we celebrate the presence of God in our messy, hurried and imperfect lives

An Autumn/Harvest Sermon Series

It's easy to fall into negative thinking that focuses more on what we don't have than on what we do. But God is a god of abundance, not of scarcity. He wants to share with us out of His great storehouse of provisions, possibilities, peace and power. With God, there is always more than we might think. 

Church Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere
This message series will move through 1 Peter to highlight the kind of church that God has called us to be: a church that is constantly seeking God, loving one another and extending out to bless others. 

Worship On Earth As It Is In Heaven
In Revelation, John catches a glimpse of God’s majesty and was forever changed. He saw with his own eyes the indescribable God that we worship on earth. The worshippers around the throne declare that God is holy and worthy, different from anything John had ever witnessed. But God is also close and tender, caring for those who worship and tending to them like a shepherd tends to his sheep.

Jesus said that we should pray that things would be on earth as it is in heaven. Through this series, we hope to 1) draw close to God in worship and experience something of what worship in heaven will one day be like, and 2) inspire people to engage in intimate, meaningful worship throughout the week.

Everything Is New
A Post-Easter Sermon Series on the Difference the Resurrection Makes. Because of the Resurrection of Jesus, everything is on the pathway of becoming new! Are you experiencing a new life as the truth of the resurrection infects areas where you are hurting, failing and stuck?

Jesus on Trial
A Lenten and Easter Sermon series to explore Jesus’ identity before a watching world. His life ended with a mock trial that exposed his true nature. We must also face and answer the question, “Who is this man?”

Googling for God
A sermon series on the big questions people have about God. The questions are based on the top six googled questions that people ask about God. My hope is that through this series people will want to explore their faith through deeper study and prayer such that they would also be able to respond to those who have questions about God and the life of faith.

God With US
An Advent sermon series on God's presence in our world through Jesus Christ. Jesus came as a gift of God's presence not just to us, but to the whole world.

Let's Rise Up and Rebuild
How do you rebuild a wall, a life, a church, a community? Through prayer, purpose and persistence.

Keep Your Lamp Burning
We're called as believers to disciplined watchfulness for the return of Christ. He's instructed us to keep our lamps burning, for we never know when He will come back. The burning lamp represents the life of a witness. The elements of burning faith (wick), steady watchfulness (oil), firm belief (base) and Christ's light (flame) all characterize a life of disciplined watchfulness.

The Long Journey to Character
After baptism, God invites us on the journey of developing Christ's character -His distinctive mark-in us. What does a Christian character look like?

Forgiving As We Have Been Forgiven
Forgiveness is not an optional activity for the follower of Christ. Jesus said that we must forgive in order to fully access the forgiveness that has been given to us. That's why it's part of the Lord's Prayer: forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us. During this series we'll look at scriptures to help us identify areas of unforgiveness, cultivate a habit of daily forgiveness and let go of the burdens that we need not carry.

Big Finish
A sermon series on the last words of Christ. How will you finish the race of life?

While our lives often seem dull and monotonous, God's supernatural, surprising power sometimes breaks in to work in miraculous ways. In this series we'll explore the miracles, signs and interventions of God in human history and discover keys to experiencing the super natural life of faith.