The Oak Cliff Neighborhood Network is a growing network of inter-denominational community groups that meet throughout the week that was started by Cliff Temple. Most groups meet weekly and are led through a discussion based off of a scripture. The intention is to build community with people local to our neighborhoods and discuss ways that we can work together to address the needs of our communities and love on our neighbors. 

Find your local network group below. Is there no group in your neighborhood yet? Feel free to reach out to the closest one.

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L.O. Daniel

We are one of the newest additions to the Neighborhood Network. Our group is comprised of Christians from different churches, all united in a common love for our community. We meet every other week to study scriptures and talk about ways to love the community better.


Winnetka Heights

This is the original Neighborhood Network group formed out of a passion by a minister to love on his local neighbors. This group meets weekly on Sunday evenings. The group is comprised of a diverse group of believers who have a passion for engaging their community and growing together for no other reason than their mutual belief in Christ. 


Bishop arts district

The "Bishop Arts" group really meets in what is named "Ruthmeade Place". We fellowship every week at a home in the area and are passionate about seeing God move in our neighborhood. Though most of us are young, all ages are welcome to join us! 

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College Group

Our college group is a collection of students that fellowship at churches in the Oak Cliff area. We will meet every other week at a host home in the Kiest Park area.  

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Our group meets every other week on Sundays in the southern part of Dallas named Desoto. While not technically “Oak Cliff” we are a vibrant group of people connected to Oak Cliff churches while living and working in the Desoto area.