3 Ways We Make Everyday Missionaries

These are the three things we "do" to equip people to live out the everyday missionary life:

1. Immersive Worship. With each of our three worship offerings, we seek to enter God's presence and participate with our whole selves: heart, mind, and soul. People use their musical, spoken, and creative gifts to assist in leading worship. We have three worship expressions: contemporary worship in English at 9am in the Fellowship Hall, traditional worship in English at 11am in the main sanctuary, and a blended service in Spanish at 11am in the chapel. We also meet for a prayer meeting every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm in the main sanctuary. See Minister of Worship Jon Ratzlaff to learn more about worship involvement.

2. Disciplemaking. To make disciples, one must be a disciple. Discipleship is whole life and involves three key relationships: God, other believers, and those outside the faith. Cliff Temple offers opportunities for all ages to grow, preschoolers to senior adults. We seek to be equipped to live out the disciple life by engaging people in three settings, each with an increased expectation of time and participation: 

            Worship space (listening to the Word, opening oneself in worship)

            Sunday School group space (fellowship, teaching, and mission encouragement from 10am-11am each Sunday morning for all ages)

            Neighborhood/network group space (focused on a neighborhood to reach or a network of people, meeting during the week typically for 2 hours at a time, with childcare worked out by each group)

Beyond Sunday School and neighborhood/network groups, Cliff Temple is developing a mentoring program for those who want a deeper discipleship experience. See Pastor Brent McDougal to learn more about disciple life and joining a group or mentoring relationship.

3. City Impact. Cliff Temple has a long history of serving our community through practical needs. Through Mission Oak Cliff, we feed between 30,000 and 50,000 people with basic food and fresh produce each year. We also provide ESL classes, job skills learning opportunities, resources for homeless adults, a specific outreach to homeless teens, and many other caring ministries. We partner with Promise House, a local shelter for homeless youth, Gateway of Grace, a Dallas-based refugee ministry, and James Bowie Elementary School to assist with literacy and cognitive development. We support the Dallas Baptist Association to minister to families throughout Dallas and start new churches.