We want everyone to get in on the everyday, Spirit-filled life of following Jesus. We believe that every person has a calling and that all disciples are "sent" - to a neighborhood or network of people - to make disciples.

What is an everyday missionary? 

Everyday missionaries are those who love God with their whole hearts, are being transformed together by the love of Jesus, and who are sent by the Spirit to love others in places where they live, work and play.

Within this definition there are three movements: up (in our relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit), in (with brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ), and out (on mission other people who don't know Jesus). We believe that when these three relationships are developing and in balance, the life of Christ continues through us and brings more of God's kingdom to earth.

To equip people live the everyday missionary life, we do three things: immersive worship, disciplemaking and city impact. Click here to learn more about these three components.